Henry Hill: Organized Crime

The (true) story of Henry Hill provides a good example to illustrate the typologies of organized crime, criminals, and organizations. If you are familiar with the movie Goodfellas, that was based on the story of Henry Hill.

For this assignment, research the life and criminal career of Henry Hill from and post a response that addresses these points:
•Describe the organization that Hill joined: Where did it operate? What was the ethnic makeup of the group? What kinds of activities were they known for? How was the organization structured? (We’ll learn about specific structure types later, but for now you should be able to briefly describe how the group was organized).
•How do the activities of the group fit into the typologies described in the class material?
•How did Hill’s ethnicity affect his career with this group?
•Why did Henry Hill idolize and ultimately join the mobsters who hung out in his neighborhood? How do you explain Henry’s continuing with his criminal lifestyle and associates after being incarcerated and often being in fear for his life? Why didn’t Henry Hill get out of the organized crime business earlier?


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