Homeland Security Definition

Address the following in 750-1,000 words:
•What jurisdiction did you choose for this assignment? ◦How is homeland security defined by your jurisdiction? ◾Is there a written definition or strategy?
◾Is this document public? If not, why not? ◾If there is not a written definition at the local level, consider the findings of your research in the context of the definitions and environment outlined in resources provided (e.g., the National Strategy for Homeland Security).

◦How does your local strategy differ from the national strategy? ◾How is it similar?
◾Are these differences appropriate?

◦What is the scope of the strategy? Explain. ◾Does it define the key participating agencies and disciplines?

◦Does the local strategy include participation by the private sector? Does it include nongovernmental organizations?
◦How are the state and federal government incorporated into the strategy? Explain. ◾If they are not, should they be?

◦Who (what agency) wrote the strategy?
◦What agency provides primary HS leadership? Is there more than one?
◦What are the platforms for interagency coordination of HS strategic issues (e.g., meetings, conference calls, and task forces)?
◦Has the focus on HS as a metadiscipline, wavered in the years since 9/11 in your jurisdiction?
◦Is the level of strategic focus on HS at the local level appropriate for the HS environment that the nation and your jurisdiction find themselves in today?

•Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
•Compile your answers into a final Word document.


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