host countries

Please respond using the IRAC method below and a case source.

Multinational corporations and other firms must abide by the laws and regulations of their host countries. They must also understand the unwritten or informal rules of doing business there – rules based on culture, religious codes, and societal constraints. Sometimes these laws and rules can be very different from those in the firm’s home country, and tolerated in another; bribery may be a crime in one country, and customary in another; and so on.

1. How does the multinational manager balance his or her social responsibility to the people of the host country with the companies overall objective of maximizing shareholder profit.

The IRAC method:

1. ISSUE: Identify the legal question which best addresses the problem posed by the fact pattern,

2. RULE: Find and then quote the legal rule(s) verbatim from the text which apply in the situation or fact pattern given and answer the question raised in the ISSUE section.

3. APPLICATION: Apply the legal rule(s) you identified in the RULE section to the given fact pattern. Your analysis should proceed in a step-by-step fashion and connect each point raised in the rule to the facts in the fact pattern.

4. CONCLUSION: Make a short conclusion based upon your analysis in the APPLICATION section. Be sure that your conclusion is supported by your discussion in the APPLICATION section.

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