Identify and Discuss Tort Actions that may Arise in Relation to Family Law

Can you help me with these questions?

A father shows his minor son pornography and sexually abuses him. Can the son bring a tort action against his father?

Dave knows that he has contagious herpes, but does not tell Alice, who contracts the disease from Dave. Can Alice sue Dave for battery? For intentional infliction of emotional distress? For deceit or fraud? Does it matter if the disease was communicated before or after Dave and Alice were married? Does it make any difference that they are now divorced?

Jim and Helen live together for a year before they are married. They separate two years after the marriage. While preparing to file for divorce, Helen discovers that she has contracted chlamydia trachomatis, a serious venereal disease that attacks the ovaries. Her reproductive system is permanently damaged. Assume that Jim gave her this disease through intercourse during the marriage. Jim carelessly thought he was not capable of infecting Helen. Can she sue Jim for negligence?


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