Infinite persons and the importance of creativity

Topic #1
The reading refers to being an “infinite” person. Consider how the text authors, Janaro and Altshuler, describe the concept of an infinite person, and define this concept in your own words. Next, identify one individual – either someone in your own life (a friend, family member, teacher, coworker, etc.) or an individual from history or current events – who fits this definition.

Consider and identify the following: What do you feel are the key traits of an infinite person? Which traits of an infinite person would be useful when pursuing your future goals? Connect the reading material for Unit 1 in your response; use APA formatting.

Topic #1
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Watch the 20-minute lecture by Sir Ken Robinson: “Do Schools Kill Creativity?”

Source: “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity.” TED Talks. Retrieved from:

Take notes as you watch so that you can answer the following questions in your response:

Do you think Robinson makes a good case for creativity? Which of his points are strong and persuasive, and which could use more persuasive appeals or evidence?

Has creativity had an impact on your life? How? In what way(s) could creativity have an impact on your future goals? Incorporate points from the TED talk in your response. Be sure to use APA formatting


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