Juvenile Corrections and Rehabilitation

1) Is it possible to reconcile the dual objectives of a juvenile correctional and rehabilitation institution and of public or staff safety issues?

2) How can positive change be measured while a juvenile is in secure confinement? How can you ensure these behaviors transition from detention to the community?

3) What is your opinion of returning a juvenile offender to the public school system after a period of secure confinement?

4) In most correctional settings for juveniles, two primary modalities affect the juvenile at all times: strict discipline and nurture-based treatment. Do you think these two modalities operate to the benefit or the detriment of the juvenile?

5) If a previously incarcerated and now-on-parole juvenile is not able to function or succeed in a public school setting, what would you recommend as an appropriate action?

6) As a parole officer, how would you handle a juvenile who will turn 18 years old in 2 months and who persistently violates his curfew, which is a condition of his parole program?


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