Juvenile drug abusers

I will add the full description of my assignment however I just need a little help with this.

First it asks me to develop a comprehensive portfolio however, I have only done essays in APA format so I would like to know how to do this portfolio or maybe attach one on any subject for me to use as a guide line?

Second is if you know of any web sites on juvenile drug abusers that may give me any additional information would be great. Also any suggestions that you have would be great because I need to make a good grade on this.

Here is the assignment per my syllabus:

Create a list of 3-4 guiding principles to be used during the development of a treatment strategy for your target group. An example of guiding principles can be found on p. 518 in the textbook.
? Outline a treatment strategy, keeping in mind the guiding principles you have created.
? Develop a comprehensive portfolio of information about your selected target group in the juvenile justice system. Your portfolio should be 2,000-2,500 words in length, and contain information about the following elements:
1. Profile and risk factors
2. Corrections and detention
3. Juvenile courts
4. Prevention programs
5. Guiding Principles
6. Treatment strategy


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