Juvenile Group Home

You work for the administrator in charge of juvenile corrections in your county. She is considering adding a secure group home to the juvenile system and has given you the task of researching the issue. Prepare a report in a Microsoft Word document that addresses the following points and cite all your sources in APA format:
•Explain how group homes can be effective as an alternative to incarceration for juvenile offenders.
•Review any drawbacks, including concerns regarding costs, security, and impact on the offenders.
•Discuss the challenges associated with using group homes as an alternative to incarceration.
•Discuss other programs that can reduce the recidivism rate of juvenile offenders.
•Explain how group homes can be used in conjunction with restorative justice. (Hint: Review the different types of mediationpresented earlier in this course.)
•Conclude by recommending whether or not a group home is a good solution and explain your reasoning. If it is a good idea, then specify the types of offenders it would be appropriate for.


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