Juvenile Justice in Baltimore

The current practice for dealing with violent juvenile offenders in Baltimore is a legislative waiver. The critics of waivers feel that juvenile offenders only become better criminals after getting waived to adult jurisdictions. Do you agree with this statement? Why?

Use the juvenile crime situation in Baltimore City to analyze the effects of the Gault ruling. Do you think the Gault ruling has had the impact on the juvenile justice system that was envisioned by the Supreme Court? Why? Has this ruling become a part of the continuing controversies in the juvenile justice system? Why?

“The trend in juvenile justice is toward more punishment, so we should merge the juvenile and adult justice systems. This willhelp cities such as Baltimore control juvenile crime. In addition, it will eliminate the duplication of personnel, records, and facilities required by the current arrangement.” Do you agree with this assessment? Why? Will this help the city to deal with violent juvenile offenders? How?

For cities such as Baltimore, will an overhauled juvenile justice system that better uses the services of behavioral scientists and psychologists help to manage juvenile offenders? How?

Victim-offender reconciliation is possible in many juvenile cases. Any reforms in juvenile justice policies in Baltimore City aimed at curbing all types of juvenile crime should consider restitution and reparation. Do you agree with this assessment? Why?


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