Juvenile Mass Murders and criminal justice system

Over the years, the Criminal Justice System in the U.S. has changed from a rehabilitative model in the early 1900s to a punitive model, and now it is swinging back towards the direction of rehabilitation. Some of the new laws created to deal with perpetrators who commit multiple homicides may be in question because the use of capital punishment is being challenged in the highest court in the land, the U.S. Supreme Court.

There are many important issues to address when considering multiple homicide offenders; the age of the children who commit mass murders; whether or not to try children as adults, and at what age; killing more than one individual at a time; and whether or not serial and mass murderers (adults and children) are capable of rehabilitation.

Why did schools in the U.S. wait for something as tragic as the Columbine Massacre to happen before they implemented programs to prevent bullying?

Were the two boys who undertook the killing truly responsible for their own actions, or were they also the victims? Why or why not?

Research a school in the U.S. and give a brief outline of the policies and procedures the school has in place for handling someone who comes on their campus with a gun. Also, list the procedures that the children of the school are taught to follow during such an incident.


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