Langston Hughes

Topic #1
In Anzia Yezierska’s short story, “The Lost Beautifulness,” the protagonist Hanneh Hayyeh longs for something to call her own.

In your response to question one, consider the following questions:

Does the piece give you sympathy for any of the characters? Do you dislike any of the characters? How can a writer add a “universal appeal” for their piece of literature and create a strong link to their audience? For example, course text authors Janaro & Altshuler (2012) refer to epiphany, which provides an “insight into life or human nature” (97). How is epiphany demonstrated in “The Lost Beautifulness”?

Topic #2
Please copy and paste the links for more information:
Choose two of the poems here for your analysis, or you may also use,, to search for other poems, or review the resources in this week’s My Humanities Kit.

Source: The Academy of American Poets. Retrieved from

Langston Hughes. Let America Be America Again

Source: Hughes, Langston. Let America Be American Again. Retrieved from:

June Jordan. A Poem about Intelligence for my Brothers and Sisters . (audio only)

Source: Jordan, June. A Poem About Intelligence for my Brothers and Sisters. Retrieved from

Ted Kooser. A Happy Birthday

Source: Kooser, Ted. A Happy Birthday. Retrieved from

Billy Collins. Introduction to Poetry

Source: Collins, Billy. Introduction to Poetry. Retrieved from

Elaine Sexton. Public Transportation

Source: Sexton, Elaine. Public Transportation. Retrieved from
In your response to question two, identify the two poems selected, and provide the consulted source links to both poems. List the titles and authors of the two poems you chose to analyze. Research the authors to learn a bit about their lives.

In your response, consider the following:

Was the poem difficult to understand?
How did you interpret it?
What do you think is the idea of the poem beyond the descriptions?
What does the biographical information add to an understanding of the poem?


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