Lawrence v. Texas

I need some assistance with this final assignment of my class. Can anyone assist me with this Case?

You are a first year associate with the firm of Doowe, Cheatham & Howe. Mr. Howe, the senior partner in the firm, has asked you to prepare a legal brief on the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v. Texas. (The decision listed in the Course Material is incomplete. Find the full decision on the internet). Mr. Howe specifically wants you to brief him on the following:
a. Describe the facts of the case. This should include the results from the trial court and any intermediate appellate courts. Give a short summary of what each appellate court held and why.

b. Describe the issues or questions before the Court. This should be very concise and phrased as a question.

c. Tell me who wrote the decision for the court and which Justices concurred. Describe the Courtâ??s decision and rationale. This must answer the question posed in the issue. Make sure to discuss the key cases the Court used. In your explanation, just give me case names. Immediately after this section give me a “Cases Cited” list that includes all these key cases along with full citations.

d. Identify and explain the standard relied on or established. If the Court kept the old rule, tell me why. If the Court established a new rule, tell me what it is and why.

e. Discuss dissenting opinions, if any. Include their reasoning, citing key cases, and a case list.

f. Discuss the case significance. How does this effect the work of law enforcement officers and prosecutors? Are there political ramifications?

Mr. Howe expects your brief on his desk NLT than the end of the week. Your brief should be single spaced and be about 3-5 pages in length.


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