legal precedence

What would happen in a case involving a 20 year old coach and a 16 year old student who were dating and both are homosexual? Both sets of parents knew of the relationship and were fine with it. What if the Superintendent of the school knew about the situation and only talked to the two of them about not having a relationship but did not turn it in to anyone. How would a public defender put a defense together and what would it entail? Is it possible it could turn into a discrimination case because of them being homosexual males? How would the prosecution go about this case? What could be a possible strategy on defending as well as prosecuting a case like this. What if the two decided mutually to break up but the 16 year old got depressed over their break up and was not eating or sleeping so his parents took him to a doctor. The doctor called the police and told them what had happened, would there be any breach of doctor, patient confidentiality, and how could this be used in the case. And finally how could the defense use the fact that the parents did not want to file charges and that the 16 year old wants to testify for the defense? How would this affect the prosecutions case, if at all? The charge that you need to work with for this case is child seduction. What if the coach turned 21 by the time he is arrested, how would this affect the case?


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