Little Rascals Day Care Center and Sexual Abuse

Since the 1960s, every state has passed laws against child abuse and neglect. The most publicized sexual abuse allegations from the 1980s to the early 1990s were against the Little Rascals Day Care Center. Research the case and discuss the following:

– Provide and overview of the facts of the case.
– What was the prosecution’s strongest evidence in this case? Provide at least two examples.
– What was the prosecution’s weakest evidence in this case? Provide at least two examples.
– What were the strengths of the defense’s case?
– What were the weaknesses of the defense’s case?
– In your opinion, should children testify to physical and sexual abuse in a court case? Why or why not?
– At what age do you feel a child should be asked to testify on his or her own behalf? Explain


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