Media Crime and Violence

Visit the Smoking Gun Web site at
Locate the interrogation notes of Lee Harvey Oswald and the manual found in the possession of a supporter of Osama bin Laden Military Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants.
Provide a 50-word response to each of these questions:
1. Should the documents you found on the Smoking Gun Web site be made available to the public?
2. What possible dangers accompany the dissemination of this information? What possible dangers accompany censorship?
3. What concerns about copycat crime are raised by the publication of this type of information? (Conduct research on copycat crime if you need more information to answer this question).
Consider the research you read in “Media Violence and the American Public: Scientific Fact Versus Media Misinformation“.
Provide a 50-word response to each of these questions:
1-What are some of the findings presented about the media’s casual relationship to violence?
2- What comparison do authors do between smoking and media violence?
3-How proactive is the media in reporting its own influence on aggressive behavior?

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