Movies and the Law

Choose one of the following movies and send a brief summary of the story line including the ethical dilemma facing the attorney. Suggested movies are as follows:

Criminal Law

Penalty Phase

Presumed Innocent

Erin Brokovich

A Time to Kill

Runaway Jury

The Firm

A Few Good Men

The Rainmaker

Analyze the ethical dilemme presented in the movie by writing 1400 – 1750 words about the following topics:

Summarize the movie plot

Describe the ethical dilemma from the perspective of each of the main characters involved

Describe how the dillemma was resolved

Describe the type of ethical framework that best describes how the dilema was analyzed and resolved by the characters involved

Consider whether the ethical framework used to resolve the dilemma was an effective solution. would a different framework have resulted in a better outcome?

Explain why you think legal dramas and dilemmas make for interesting entertainment.


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