Personal anf Professiional Codes of Ethics

I’m in an Ethics class and I need to create a personal code of ethics using one of the major ethical framework as a guide. I have to examine the professional code of ethics for a career field in Criminal Justice (preferable Crime Scene Investigation and analyze the ethical dilemmas for this field.

I should include how the personal code of ethics compare to the professional code of ethics; discuss the differences between the two code of ethics; how the personal code compare to the unwritten code associated with this profession and any differences; characterize the ethical framework use to construct the personal code of ethics; and examine if the personal code of ethics seem to match the ethical standards required for the profession? why or why not? Then I have to compose my research and conclusions in a 1,750- to 2,450 word paper. I would like someone to help me find any information pertaining to this assignment (anything that can assist me in completing this assignment will be great). Be sure to include any references.

Thanks, any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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