Prison Capacity and Reflection

Topic 1: Prison officials describe prison capacity in three distinct fashions: (1) rated capacity, (2) operational capacity and (3) design capacity. To ensure you achieve full credit and meet the learning objectives of the unit, please summarize all three of these terms using research. Then, discuss how to reduce prison overcrowding and explain why your idea would be successful, using research to substantiate your opinion. Cite your source

Topic 2: Reflection:

What prior knowledge did you bring to this course?
What were the most important new ideas you encountered and how did they change your understanding of this course?
Did you meet the outcomes in your work on this course? Is there any outcome with which you still need support or assistance?
What have you learned from your discussions and collaborations with your fellow students?
In what specific ways can you use the knowledge you have gained in this course in your chosen profession? What are your strengths and opportunities for growth in this area?
What questions or concerns do you have about what you have studied?
What areas of the subject would you like to continue to explore, and why?


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