Recommendations in the Criminal Justice System

Overview: You will imagine you are employed at a criminal justice organization facing a communal problem. Your superior at the organization has asked you to review the problem situation and offer your
recommendations. You will be given the chance to evaluate the situation and develop suggestions that will inform development of strategies to address the issue using appropriate ethical and transparent leadership and communication skills.
Prompt: Using the case study (The Flawed Emergency Response to the 1992 Los Angeles Riots), complete the following critical elements:
A. Recommend an appropriate and effective leadership style that superiors at the organization could employ to address the problem and best fit the organization. Be sure to justify your response with other sources.
B. Make recommendations to leadership for resolving the situation that balance the needs of the community, effectively addressing the problem, and what is ethically appropriate. How should leadership balance these three important elements in addressing the problem?
C. Recommend strategies or actions that leadership could take to improve community relations and foster growth and trust between the community and the organization in response to the problem from the study.
D. Recommend strategies or actions that leadership could take to maintain and improve the culture of the organization in response to the ethical decisions of leadership regarding the problem from the study
E. Make recommendations for the organization on how they could account for obstacles that might impede the organization in addressing the problem and
implementing your recommendations.
F. Explain how the organization could implement and uphold your recommendations. For example, should they enact new policies? Training?
G. Explain how the organization would consider any budgetary constraints they might face both in addressing the problem and implementing any of your
recommendations. Be sure to include references.

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