Reporting Co-workers for Poor Performance

Ellen Ellerby, a paralegal with Frankline & Gainsborough, works closely with another paralegal, Harry Henderson. IN the last few months, Ellen has noticed that Harry is late to work a lot and is getting behind in his workload. He seems a little forgetful and disoriented. When they have time to talk during lunch one day, Harry confides that his marriage is rocky and he is been going out drinking every night with his buddies because he doesn’t want to be at home.

What should Ellen do?

A few more weeks pass without change. One day, Ida Imerson, a lawyer in the firm, calls for Harry, and he isn’t in. Ida is looking for a complaint that Harry was supposed to draft in a small personal injury matter. Ellen searched through Harry’s files and sees that the complaint is not done and the statute of limitations runs the next day.

What should Ellen do now?


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