Research and Annotation Project

Well basically, I received a “research and Annotation Project.” I’m just kinda unsure what a research and annotation project is – we were given a bunch of questions to choose from and were only to choose one, i chose “are trade unions still relevant and important for workers today?” according to the outline we were then to choose 8 sources , then its quoted “for each of these you must provide a complete bibliographic entry, describe how you found the source, write a one or two paragraph analysis of the content of the source, and evaluate the source explaining why or why not it is useful to prepare a response to the question” I don’t know if I’m having difficulties understanding what to do because I’m thinking of a research paper kinda deal where I’m suppose to prove something or I’m unsure but if you could clear it up and maybe suggest a format like a structure or outline for me to do my paper that would be greatly appreciated and maybe explain what a research and annotation project is? and any other suggestions.


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