Resources for Individuals of Cycle of Family Violence


Jared never had the time or incentive to go to college; he hadn’t even finished high school. He grew up in a chaotic home with a father who would rather knock him across the room as answer a question and a mother who was more often than not in an alcoholic stupor. Jared swore he would not grow up to be his father. He left home at 16, thinking he would get a job and make his own way in life. He did manage to find work as a laborer, met a girl he fell in love with, and married at age 18. He is now 23, with children ages 2 and 4. Jared’s wife does not work as they both want the best for their children and feel it is important for her to stay home while the children are growing up. To meet the expenses, Jared has been working 60-80 hours a week. He often stops for a beer or two after work, and comes home tired and angry. More and more he finds himself beginning to act like his father as the natural rebelliousness of his children grates on his already-frayed nerves. Jared despises his own behaviors, but does not know how to stop or where to turn to for help.

What kinds of resources are available in the community for Jared? How might a community set up outreach programs to make that information easily available?


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