Social Disorganization and Conflict Perspective

1. Why do you think some neighborhoods are more conducive to crime than others? How does anomie play a role in the increased crime rates?

Akers, R.L. & Sellers, C.S. (2004). “Social Disorganization, Anomie, and Strain Theories” in Criminological Theories: Introduction, Evaluation, and Application, (4th ed), pp 159-190. Oxford University Press, USA: Retrieved from

2. What is the Conflict perspective? Do you believe that crime could ever be eliminated according to the conflict perspective? Why or why not?
Dhavle, G. (2011, September, 20). “Conflict perspective” in Buzzle: Intelligent Life on the Web. Retrieved from
200 to 250 words

1 If Hitler had surrendered to the Soviet’s or the United Nations, what do you feel would have been the appropriate punishmentfor Hitler?

2. Who do you think was more atrocious in our history, Hitler or Stalin? Why or why not?

3. What is your opinion about sterilization, are you shocked about how recent this was? Does this compare to Hitler’s atrocities?
4. Do you believe that the United States was wrong in containing the Japanese-Americans? Did this violate their constitutional rights?

5. Could you compare the Trail of Tears to the atrocities of Hitler? Is there a Theory that could explain why the Trail of Tears happened?

6. If a person is mentally ill, no matter what the crime it is they commit, should the death penalty be used for those who commit capital crimes?

7.Do you believe that most sex offenders have a biological or mental disorder, is it hereditary or a learned trait? Why or why not?


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