Terrorism and National Security

Based on your readings and research, produce a seven- to ten-page paper comparing secular and religious terrorism. To supportyour findings, include a minimum of five references to scholarly resources in the field. .

Include the following in this paper:

1. Compare the secular and religious types of terrorism, and describe the following for each:
A brief historical review.
Differences in associated value systems.
Mechanisms of legitimization and justification for violence.
Concepts of morality.
Levels of violence, with emphasis on views regarding the use of violence.
2. Provide a summary of your findings, including:
A perspective on which type of terrorism has proven to be most lethal, and why.
A perspective on which type of terrorist group is likely to consider the use of weapons of mass destruction in the
future, and why.
A personal perspective, based on your research, as to the future trend of terrorism both in the United States and


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