The juvenile justice process

Imagine that you are an attorney, specializing in juvenile justice cases. You receive a phone call from Mrs. I whose 15-year old has been arrested for stealing a car, driving without a license, and finally crashing it into a storefront. Mrs. I is distraught and concerned that her child will be held in the county jail and abused. The maximum sentence that can be assessed is 6 years in prison to a minimum of 200 hours of community service and 2 weeks in the county’s boot camp program.

* How will you respond to Mrs. I? Provide a small narrative if necessary to demonstrate your approach toward the client.

* What are the steps in the juvenile justice process that must be taken to defend Mrs. I’s teenager? Provide steps and how you would approach making sure every step is handled for this case.

* In your opinion. If you were the judge, how would you judge and sentence this case, understanding that the 15-year old committed the crime described?

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