The victim’s perceived role in Mass Murders and Demographics

No one wants to be the victim of a crime, let alone the victim of a serial killer or mass murderer. However, scientific studies show that victims do play a role in their selection and facilitation.

What does “demographics of victimization” mean? Who created the Concentric Circle theory, and how does it relate to the demographics of victimization?

If you were a forensic investigator, how would you utilize demographics in the search for a serial killer? Would you use the same demographics in the search for a mass murderer? Why or why not?

If there were ten different serial killers that fit ten different typologies/profiles, would they all use the same methods for victim selection? How are the methods used for victim selection by serial killers similar or different to methods used for mass murderer victim selection?

What measures has your country taken to help lessen the possibility that you will become a victim? After reading about a highly publicized serial or mass murder case in the media, what steps, if any, have you taken personally to avoid becoming a victim?


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