Theory of Victimology and Resources

Grace, the chief attorney (CA), asks you to draft a report that she will use in her presentation to the county commission. Her goal is to keep the victim witness assistant positions, which currently exist and increase the number of these positions in the future. She knows that providing victim advocacy is a relatively new concept to the criminal justice system and that the commissioners are not familiar with the concept that the criminal justice system should take a more active role with victims.

Grace needs you to provide information including:

Definition of victimology
Its history and how it has developed
Explain how its different from criminology, sociology, or psychology
Who established the first safe houses for battered women, as well as where and when these safe-houses were established?
Who established the first rape crisis centers, as well as where and when these centers were established?
How has the civil rights movement contributed to anti-discrimination efforts and the establishment of hate crime legislation and policy?
The role children’s rights groups have played in highlighting the problems child victims face in the criminal justice system
which organizations she might contact that provide specific advocacy for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and homicide.


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