This posting addresses the situation of Danny.

Developing a trustworthy and long-term relationship with the clients is probably one of the main goals of the contemporary company. The management of the organization could develop a code of conduct, organize customer service seminars, and encourage valuing every customer. This is very important in the law firms when every case needs to be considered individually and requires personal approach.

As in the case from the video, there is a possible conflict of interest since it is not acceptable to date a client in most jurisdictions. In many cases, client-employee relationship is discussed in the internal regulations of the company, such as code of conduct, SOP (Standard Operations Procedures), or other document. Therefore, the employees are instructed about the acceptable and non acceptable behavior with the client. As a rule, the intimate relationship between attorney and client undermines the legalrepresentation of attorney and compromise attorney-client privilege (The Free Dictionary, 2011). However, when the professional relationships ends, the client attorney relationship would be more acceptable since the client is be in less vulnerable position. As for the situation demonstrated in the video, the employee should differentiate professional and personal issues and explain them to the client. This should be done carefully and with the high level of politeness.

When considering Danny’s situation, Danny has to acknowledge having stocks of the client corporations to the management of the law firm. This would eliminate any problems and possible negative consequences to Danny. After this the management should make decision if Danny should have access to client data or not. In many cases, it is not acceptable to use internal information for personal enrichment. Therefore, the law firm should restrict the access to the client files, all business deals of the company or request Danny to sell the stocks of client. In many ways, selling the stocks would be the best option for Danny to be ethically right and avoid conflict of the interests.

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