Three Strikes Laws and their impact on criminal justice

Three strikes laws are punitive and controversial in nature. Politicians commonly highlight such laws to garner support during their election campaigns by presenting a tough approach toward controlling crime. On the other hand, there are police officerswho may face increased violent resistance from hardened criminals who would be aware that such laws would ensure their being in prison for the rest of their lives.

To understand these different perspectives, this assignment requires you to review three strikes laws from the perspectives of a police officer and a politician.

As a police officer, write a review of three strikes laws around the following points:

– Top three advantages of three strikes laws.
– Top three disadvantages of three strikes laws.
– Impact of three strikes laws on police safety.
– Impact of three strikes laws on community.

As a politician, your review of the three strikes legislation should address the following:

– Your political ideology and stand on three strikes laws.
– Rationale for supporting or not supporting three strikes laws in the context of:
— Public safety concerns.
— Political concerns.
— Social justice concerns.


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