Titanium Office Products Gender Discrimination

Titanium Office Products has had a record breaking year in terms of sales and revenue. It decides to reward its top sales representatives. Fourteen of the top reps are men and 7 are women. Titanium gives each of the reps an overnight stay at a top luxury hotel. In addition, the company pays for each of the men to play a round of golf at the hotel and tells the men that they can each invite one client as a guest for golf and lunch. The women are each given a full day beauty treatment at the hotel’s spa but no round of golf. The women complain that Titanium’s rewards are discriminatory.

The rewards are gender neutral because men like to play golf and women like to get a spa beauty treatment.

The rewards are discriminatory because Titanium did ask the women if they wanted to invite one client for a spa treatment.

The rewards are discriminatory because they are based on gender stereotypes and affect the women’s employment.

The rewards are not discriminatory because Titanium’s rewards to its sales staff are a gift beyond their regular¬†compensation.


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