Victor’s Casino and Resort Spa Dress Cod

Question 3
Cassidy applies for a job as a combination bartender and server at Victor’s Casino and Resort Spa. The interview process includes a tour of one of the bar areas at the casino. Cassidy notices that the male bar tenders and servers are all wearing tuxedos. The female bar tenders and servers, who are also known as “Victor’s Vixens,” are all wearing thigh length, low cut, tight, black velour dresses and high heeled shoes. Towards the end of the interview, the manager asks Cassidy if she is willing to wear the required velour dress. Cassidy says that would not be a problem. Male and female bartenders and servers are given identical duties and wages. A week after starting the job, Cassidy decides that she doesn’t want to wear the velour dress anymore. She complains to her manager about the dress but the manager says it is part of the job and Cassidy agreed to wear it.

A. Cassidy cannot complain under Title VII because she witnessed the dresses before starting work and agreed to wear one.

B.Cassidy has a valid Title VII claim because females are being treated differently than men regarding attire with no explainable job related justification.

C.Cassidy cannot complain under Title VII because being one of “Victors’s Vixens” is a BFOQ for female bartenders and servers for this brand of casino.

D. Cassidy cannot complain under Title VII because casino customers prefer to have women dressed provocatively but don’t care about the men.


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