Violations in National Regulatory Bodies

Research the case of Martha Stewart, who was sent to prison for violating a regulation of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)—a national regulatory body related to trading stocks.
Based on the case of Stewart, express your views on the following:
• What were the circumstances of this case? Who are the victims and which community was involved?
• Do you agree with what the courts did with the Stewart case? Why or why not?
• Do you feel that Stewart made amends to those victims affected in the case? Why or why not? Provide evidence in support of your opinion.
• How would restorative justice play out for Stewart? Which type of encounter would be most effective here? Why?
• How would the victims or the community benefit from a restorative process in this case?
• Consider the nature of the offense. Do you think white collar crimes, such as this one, are amenable to a restorative approach? Why or why not?


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