What We have the Right to Do vs. What is Right

The Hon. Justice Potter Stewart once wrote: “There is a big difference between what we have the right to do and what is right.” Give four examples of possible corporate business situations that would illustrate this principle and explain.

The only thing I can think of so far is that a corporation could request a city to exercise their rights to use imminent domain for the sake of acquiring a building site for one of my fictitious company’s properties. I recall hearing recently of this sort of thing being done. I’m needing help framing up a list of corporate situations where something is legal but may breach the edge of the line ethically. I’m not sure what other possibilities there are to choose from and I am hoping you can assist me with direction and framework on this. I can pick any line of business this may apply to in my fictitious company. (see below) This is just a 2 page paper, so I need to be brief. I don’t know how I can be brief with 4 situations to cover. Thank you.

The fictitious company that I am using to base my work on is involved in:
? ENVIRONMENT: Water and water treatment, waste management;
? OIL & ENERGY: Exploration, production, transport, refining, wholesale marketing, alternative fuels research;
? COMMUNICATIONS: Telecommunications, Internet, audiovisual activities, publishing and multimedia;
? LEISURE & RECREATION: Hotels, casinos, cruise ships;
? REAL ESTATE: Builds homes and manages properties in active adult, age-restricted communities;
? FINANCIAL: Brokerage for capital market investments in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, and emerging markets;
? MANUFACTURING: Produces, distributes, markets, exports and imports spirits and wine

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