Working for Contractors after Federal Employment

I need a 1-2 paragraph answer to the following question:

Lieutenant Commander Ace Ventura, a reserve officer, has been recalled to active duty with the Navy with duty at Dolphin Island Naval Base. His duty while in uniform is to assist the Navy in selling outdated submarines to foreign countries that, unlike the United States, might actually find a future use for them. As a result of his Navy job he travels all over Europe, including Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Each of those countries is interested in purchasing the old subs and each is impressed with Ace. Ace also has an interest in getting a good job with one of the “big bucks” defense contractors he keeps running into in his Navy job. He has heard of your successful resolution of the previous four issues presented and he comes to you for advice. He is especially interested, he tells you, in working for World Domination (WD) a defense contractor with considerable expertise and interest in selling outdated U.S. submarines to northern European and Scandinavian countries. He tells you he read on the internet that WD has several immediate openings in the area he is interested in and that they are primarily interested in people with language skills in Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish. He’s enrolled, on his own, in a Swedish course at a local Junior College and purchased self-help books in Norwegian and Finnish. He is set to represent the Navy in Stockholm next week and knows the President and CEO of WD will be in attendance. He wants to ask for a job. What advice do you give him?


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